Pakoras (Bhaji)$7.95
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Samosas (4) $9.90
Fluffy light pastries filled with spiced vegetable or beed & tamarind sauce
Momo(5) $8.95
Crispy Nepalese chicken pasties with sweet chilli sauce
Ceylon Platter$16.95
Two mixed samosas, two chicken tikka & two momo served with mint yoghurt & tamarind sauce
Tibetan Lamb Spring Rolls$9.95
Housemade lamb spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce & pappadums
Soy Garlic Prawns$12.95
Fresh prawns marinated with ginger, garlic & pan fried in soy sauce
Chicken Tikka Pieces(4) $8.95
Tender vibrant red marinated chicken with mint yoghurt
Assorted Entree$9.25
Crispy mix of two samosa & two pakoras served with tamarind sauce & pappadums
Vegetarian Entree Platter$15.95
A delicious selection of three Pakoras, three veg samosas & tamarind sauce
Coconut Prawn Cutlets$11.95
Prawns cooked in chickpea & cornflour, served with sweet chilli mayo
Butter Chicken Wings$9.95
Chicken wings marinated in herbs & spices cooked to perfection. Pan fried in our popular butter & cashew sauce

Classic Favourites

Butter Chicken$19.90
Tikka chicken simmered in a rich creamy tomato sauce with almonds & cashews
Mango Chicken$19.90
Succulent boneless chicken simmered with mango slices & spices
Lambo Kofta$19.90
Spiced meatballs cooked in herbs, our butter & cashew sauce
Lamb Bistake$19.90
A stir-fry style spiced lamb with mushroom, onion & tomato
Mossamon Beef$19.90
Tender marinated beef with potatoes in coconut milk
Devils Beef$19.90
Tender lean beef ith Spanish onion, tomato & sauteed mushroom. Served on a hot sizziling plate
Chicken Tikka Masala$19.90
Tikka chicken cooked with onion & capsicum in a rich creamy tomato sauce
Tibetan Chicken Chasha$19.90
Boneless chicken sauteed with ground Tibetan spices, tumeric & fresh coriander
Lamb Rogan Josh$19.90
Tender lamb marinated in ginger, garlic & yoghurt
Chickpea Lamb Morocco$19.90
Lamb, chickpeas & sesame seeds served in a tomato coconut cream
Beef Rendang$19.90
Beef gently simmered in coconut milk, fresh spices & chilli

Classic Curries

Beef, Chicken or Lamb

Our signature dish! A unique curry of fresh spinach, original herbs & spices
Traditionally a mild curry from the North of India, prefared with cream, yoghurt, nuts & spices
A classic favourite!
Dal Murgh$18.98
Chicken pieces cooked with lenils & a variety of spices. A must try!
Cashews, giner, garlic & spices make this a delicious curry
Coconut, tomato, chilli & spices signify this South Indian staple
A time-honoured South Indian dish… HOT AND SPICY!

Chef’s Specials

Bombay Duck$23.90
Roast duck sauteed in sweet soy & caramelised onion 

Ceylon Goat Curry$23.90
Succulent goat meat marinated in South Indian spices & coriander 

Vegetarian Assortmentl$22.90
Three popular vegetarian dishes served with saffron rice 

Assorted Special$25.90
Select one meat dish to accompany two vegetarian dishes of the chef’s choice & served with rice 

Meat Lovers$25.90
Chicken kaju, beef korma & lamb Ceylon with rice 

Chicken 65$18.95
Marinated & fried chicken sauted with curry leaves & soy sauce 

Chicken Dak Bungalow$18.95
Popular Bengali Recipe. Lightly spiced chicken & egg curry 

Your choice of meaat or paneer in chefs blend of secret spices. Popular North Indian dish

Classic Vegetarian

Red lentils with aromatic spices
Ela Walu$18.90
Seasonal vegetables with fresh coriander & spices (Avaliable in Vegan)
Alu Gobi$18.90
Cauliflower & potato with fresh coconut (Avaliable in vegan)
Palak Paneer$18.90
Fresh spinach & paneer cooked with coriander & spices
Paneer 65$18.90
Soft handmade cheese spiced with chilli & Indian spices
Paneer Butter Masala$18.90
Cottage cheese sauteed with onion, capsicum, coriander & cream
Channa Masala$18.90
Chickepeas with lightly spiceds potatoes & coconut (Avaliable in vegan)
Malai Kofta$18.90
Spiced vege balls cooked in herbs, served with our popular butter & cashew sauce
Fresh mushrooms, peas & potato cooked in garlic, ground onion, cashews & coconut mik (Avaliable in vegan)
Vege Korma$18.90
Seasonal vegetables in a sauce of yoghurt, nuts & spices
Vegetable Buriyani$18.90
Indian flavoured rice & steamed vegetables garnished with cashews

Treasures From The Sea

Fish Saagwala$21.90
Fish fillets cooked with spinach in a light creamy sauce
Fish Coconut$21.90
Fish curry with mushroms & tomato in a herbed coconut sauce
Prawn Vindaloo$21.90
A time honoured South Indian dish – Hot & Spicy!
Prawn Coconut$21.90
Fresh prawns with mushrooms in a herbed coconut sauce
Prawn Ceylon$21.90
Our unique curry of fresh spinach, original herbs & spices

Rice Dishes

Lamb/Beef/Chicken special stir fried rice cooked in stock, steamed with spicy meat & garnished with cashews

Tandoori Cuisine

Tandoor Lamb Cutlets(6) $21.90
Marinated in yoghurt, fresh garlic, ginger & spices
Tandoori Sizzle(8) $22.90
A mouth-watering taste of our Tandoor Delights straight from the oven.


Plain Naan$4.10
A traditional Indian bread made of plain hour
Pan-toasted wholemeal bread
Butter Naan$4.50
Cheese Naan$4.50
Chilli Naan$4.50
Garlic Naan$4.50
Potato Naan$4.50
Pan toasted flaky wholemeal bread
Ceylon Naan$5.50
Our own specialty! Onion, cheese & cracked pepper
Cheese & Garlic Naan$5.50
Kashmiri/Peshwari Naan $5.50
Filled with a blend of assorted dried fruits & nuts
Spinach & Garlic Naan $5.50
Spinach & Cheese Naan $5.50
Spinach, Garlic & Cheese Naan $5.50
Keema Naan $5.50


Raita $3.90
Yoghurt & cucumber salad
Pappadums $3.90
Indian chips
Mango Chutney $3.90
Enhances flavours

We do cater for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Speak to one of our staff when ordering your meal and they can help you.

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